Teanna Kai

Website: Teanna Kai

Ethnicity: Hawaiian / Filipina

Height: 5ft. 4in.

Weight: 104 lbs

Stats: 34C-24-34

Hot Hawaiian and Filipina glamour model, Teanna Kai, shows off her sexy dark and curvy body. Teanna Kai is an adult film star with one of the most amazingly tight and perfect Asian bodies! This sexy glamour model will bring you to your knees with lust and desire…literally!

More on Teanna Kai at Asian Porno Hotties: You know what? I prefer people are like being themselves or down to earth rather than, you know, look at the material things or more into their looks like LA. Yeah. Well what happened is a lot times when I go like to photo shoots and stuff, and they just tend to put whatever they want on their website, basically. Or sometimes I put something else and they are not supposed to display it on their website, and they did it on purpose or accidentally. But, my birthday is March 25th. Right. Well, you know what? Like when I first started in this business, a lot of people, they have like different websites, they have Thai website, or Chinese website, or Vietnamese website, Korean, whatever … so whatever they want me to be, they just fake. You know? But actually, I’m have Hawaiian and half Filipina and I was born in Manila…(Read More)!

More on Teanna Kai at Mac and Bumble:
The beauty of Teanna Kai Interview is a weapon that she uses to capture the hearts of any man she desires. Look into her eyes and let her smile wash over you and there will be no possibility of escape for you or any other man she desires…(Read More)!

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Ethnicity: Chinese

Height: 5ft. 7in.

Weight: 110 lbs

Stats: 34C-24-35

Hot Chinese glamour model, KT So, shows off her sexy curvy body. This young Chinese model has the kind of hips and butt that just will not quite! Glamour model, Kt So, is an iconic example of true and perfect Asian beauty! There is nothing sexier than a hot Chinese girl in a thong!

More on KT So at Top Asian Models: Check this out, Kt So has been modeling/go-go dancing for less than two years now, but in that short time, her member-paysite has received over 3.2 million unique visitors…(Read More)!

More on Kt So at Car and Model: I like to eat, I eat almost everything. I especially like deserts and sweets. I prefer Hip-Hop, R&B and Rap. I’d like to be able to meet more of my fans from all over. I’ll finish school in a year or 2 and then I guess we’ll see…(Read More)!

More on Kt So at ModFx Models: I’m originally from Hong Kong and I’ve been in Los Angeles since I was 15. t started by peer pressure at first. I liked the car scene so I’ve been attending the car shows. From there, one thing lead to another. I’m only doing this part-time, so we’ll see where ever it takes me. I still want to finish school and finish my major in biochemistry…(Read More)!

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Chelsea Co

Website: www.SweetChelseaCo.com

Ethnicity: Japanese

Height: 5ft. 4in.

Weight: 114 lbs

Stats: 37D-23-36

Totally hot Japanese glamour model, Chelsea Co, shows off her amazingly big breasted, perfect body. This exotic lingerie model and sexy, tight young Asian model is one of a kind. This “All Natural” Asian beauty has the kind of body that usually only exists in lustful fantasies and naughty dreams. Her body is absolutely amazing. See more of this tasty Japanese treat at her site, SweetChelseaCo.com!

More on Chelsea Co at Model Mayhem: Im Asian all natural model,Im doing print show. Recently i done job 4 playboy but i dont pose any other nude.
My goal are I wanna be a famous asian eyecandy here n japan,cuz i going 2 japan n my promotion next year…Read More!

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CJ Miles

Website: www.MissCJMiles.com

Ethnicity: Filipina

Height: 4’10

Weight: 90 lbs

Stats: 34C-22-34

Totally hot Filipina glamour model, CJ Miles, shows off her one of her best assets. This tiny Filipina girl and sexy, tight dark Asian model is one of a kind. She’s only 4’10 but damn! Her body is absolutely amazing. See more of this sexy tiny filipina girl at her site, MissCJMiles.com!

More on CJ Miles at Nitin Productions: CJ Miles gives new meaning to the phrase “Wild and Horny”. She is from Las Vegas, Neveda, and we believe she is the sole reason why that city never sleeps. CJ’s shape is immaculate from head to toe… Read More!

See more pics of CJ Miles at Top Asian Models: CJ is an up-and-coming Filipina model hailing from the City of Sin. Being in Vegas and all, shes loves hitting the clubs and go go dancing… Read More!


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Carla Maria

Website: www.MsCarla.com

Ethnicity: Filipina, Chinese, Spanish

Height: 5’2

Weight: 105 lbs

Stats: 34C-23-34

Carla Maria is one golden brown and delicious Filipina. This models import Asian and sexy Asian girl has the kind of body that will make you weak in the knees with lust and passion. Carla Maria is a young bikini party girl and one of the hotteset Asian import models around!

Interview from Hip Hop Galaxy: Born in Berkeley, CA… I am a true Bay Area girl. Both of my parents are originally from the Philippines and moved here during college… read more!

More on Carla at her website: Between modeling, school, and work I am constantly on the go…but I wouldn’t have it any other way! On any given day you could find me at school, working out in the gym, at a yoga or boxing class, shopping, on set at a photoshoot, or out at the clubs with my girlfriends…(Read More!)

More on Carla Maria on her Modelgraphy page!

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Luana Lani

Website: www.MissLuana.com

Ethnicity: Filipina

Height: 5’1

Weight: 96 lbs

Stats: 34B-24-33

Cute young Asian girl, Luana Lani, is one sexy Asian girl! This tiny Filipina girl has been modeling for a couple of years now and is one of the hottest Filipina models on the scene today! See more of this dazzling Asian diva uncut at her site, MissLuana.com!

Interview from Glamourcon: I'm was born in the Philippines but grew up in Hawaii. I moved to LA right before I turned 19…(Read More).

Interview from Top Asian Models: With her creamy dark skin and exotic features, the sexy
Luana Lani has been featured in many magazines such as, Playboy, Stuff…(Read More).

More on Luana Lani at Asian Sirens: Luana has worked hard to become one of the most popular Filipina-American models out there. Congrats to Luana on her…(Read More!)

More on Luana Lani at Mystique Magazine: Luana is a petite little package that packs a giant punch. It only takes a few minutes of talking to her to see she is sharp as a tack and destined to succeed. With such an upbeat attitude and sparkling personality, you never…(Read More!)

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Cristal Vang

Website: www.CristalVangOnline.com

Ethnicity: Hmong

Height: 5’3

Weight: 100

Stats: 32D-22-28

Cristal Vang is a sexy young Asian girl
who looks amazing in her green bikini party girl bikini. This hot import nights
has a perfect body. Cristal Vang is thin, thight, and tan. This sexy Asian dirty little girl will leave you begging for more!

More on Cristal Vang at Top Asian Models: As of late, Cristal has been traveling all over Cali, but often finds gerself running back to where it feels just like home, MERCED! Where the hell is Merced anyway? She is family oriented, loves funny movies… Read More!

More Cristal Vang at Asian Sirens: That automatically makes her awesome, so be respectful. She is one of the Hmong Hotties, and she is addicted to green gummy bears…(Read More!)

Cristal Vang’s Model Mayhem page: My opinion is that the most important aspect in life is to not give up. Never o­nce have I ever let anyone put me down or tell me I’m inadequate. The word CANT is not in my vocabulary nor should it be in anyone else’s. DEUCES..PLEASE RECYCLE…(Read More!)

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Honey Jo

Website: www.SweetHoneyJo.com

Ethnicity: Cambodian

Height: 5’4

Weight: 100 lbs

Stats: 34C-24-30

Sexy Asian dirty little amateur, Honey Jo, shows off her Asian young girls body! Honey Jo is an up-and-coming sexy Cambodian girl and exotic glamour model out of Long Beach, CA!

More of Honey Jo at Nitin Productions: Honey Jo is an exotic, natural beauty with the face of an angel and the body of a goddess, but don't let her innocence full you, she's got a little bit of the devil inside of her…(Read More!)

More on Honey Jo at Top Asian Models: Honey Jo’s look can only be described as a perfect combination of flawless beauty and intense sexuality. This sexy Asian girl…(Read More!)

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