Mya Luanna


Ethnicity: Thai

Height: 5 ft. 2 in.

Weight: 100 lbs.
Stats: 34C-22-34

Mya Luanna came to America from Thailand when she was young and grew up in Boston. This sexy Asian girl started dancing at a local strip club before moving to Vegas for bigger venues. The compact cutie needed little urging to make a career move that almost seemed inevitable. This gorgeous naked Asian girl eventually started doing sexier shoots for Internet companies and evolved into becoming the naturally beautiful pornstar she is today.
More on Mya at her website bio: After high school I studied to become a dental hygienist, working my way through school as a waitress. I led what appeared to be a conservative “normal” life. The truth however, is that I have always been a bit of a “naughty little girl”!!! I was just discovering how to enjoy sex and I loved to flirt with the men at the restaurant. My studies were a bit boring and the restaurant was not the place to show my more “outgoing” side. In order to better express my true self, I started…(Read More!)

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Maya Sakura


Ethnicity: Japanese

Height: 5 ft. 7 in.

Weight: 114 lbs.
Stats: 34C-23-34

Maya Sakura is alluring Japanese masterpiece of beauty. This sexy Asian girl has golden brown skin that is sculpted around a gracefully tender body. Her heavenly smile and gorgeous eyes will bring you in, and her succulent body will keep you begging for more.
Read more on Maya Sakura at Asian Sex Gazette: I am in a relationship with a guy. And yes, the Bi thing is true. I don’t think there was ever any one moment where I realized this, I have always appreciated attractive men and women. As for experiences, I never really did anything until I moved to America. I generally prefer men, but women are…(Read More!)

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