Big breasted Asian hottie and mixed Asian teen girl Kaylie shows us what a perfect body looks like. This naughty Asian babe looks amazing her tiny pink slingshot bikini. That kind of bikini should only be made for hot girls like Kaylie. This lingerie model has the most amazing natural breasts and big delicious booty.

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The hottest live Asian cam models on the web tear it up in this sexy, wet, and naughty video! The girls of NP Models are some of the hottest nude models on the planet. Top Asian girls include Honey Jo, Asia Perez, Annie Violet, and Jinda Paine.

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Alexia Lei


Ethnicity: Portuguese, Hawaiian, Chinese, Chamoru, Mexican, and Colombian

Height: 5 ft. 2 in.

Weight: 110 lbs.
Stats: 36C-24-36

Seductive, beautiful, warm, inviting, and just plain HOT – Alexia Lei has all the bases covered! Simply breathtaking! Few can match the incredible physique, uniquely gorgeous features, and sparkling smile that Alexia Lei brings to the table. This naked Asian girl richly mixed ethnicity gives her a look of resonating opulence one moment and coy island-girl innocence the next meaning you can never be too sure which Alexia Lei will emerge from photo to photo. This girl in a thong is a MMA fight girl who is the KNOXX Fight Gear Spokesmodel.

Read more of Alexia Lei at her Low Rider Magazine: LRG: What can a man do to turn you on?Alexia: I love it when a man plays with my hair. Kissing is my favorite thing to do, so soft, sensual kisses always does the trick…. (Read More!)

Read more of Alexia Lei at Import Tuner: 2NR: You seem to have a lot of fans. What is the coolest thing a fan has ever done for you? AL: I had one person draw my name in the sand at a beach, and took a picture of it at the top off a cliff. I couldn’t believe it! I had another person … (Read More!)
Read more of Alexia Lei at D Wizzle’s World: Some things that people might not know about me is that I drive stick! I love the experience of driving a stick shift car. I prefer it over automatic any day! Something about being able to feel the engine as you shift through gears is great. I also love to… (Read More!)

Read more of Alexia Lei at Tuner Zine: TZ: Speaking of where things are going, where do you see yourself 5 years from now? A: 5 years from now, I want to have been on the cover of Maxim or Stuff, FHM… one of those magazines. I am starting to look into… (Read More!)
Read more of Alexia Lei at Model Vanity: First off, a guy needs to have a really great sense of humor. I like to joke around A LOT so if he’s stuffy or gets offended easy, it just won’t work. Personality plays a key role in how attracted I am to a guy. He could be the hottest guy ever, but with… (Read More!)

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Teanna Kai

Website: Teanna Kai

Ethnicity: Hawaiian / Filipina

Height: 5ft. 4in.

Weight: 104 lbs

Stats: 34C-24-34

Hot Hawaiian and Filipina glamour model, Teanna Kai, shows off her sexy dark and curvy body. Teanna Kai is an adult film star with one of the most amazingly tight and perfect Asian bodies! This sexy glamour model will bring you to your knees with lust and desire…literally!

More on Teanna Kai at Asian Porno Hotties: You know what? I prefer people are like being themselves or down to earth rather than, you know, look at the material things or more into their looks like LA. Yeah. Well what happened is a lot times when I go like to photo shoots and stuff, and they just tend to put whatever they want on their website, basically. Or sometimes I put something else and they are not supposed to display it on their website, and they did it on purpose or accidentally. But, my birthday is March 25th. Right. Well, you know what? Like when I first started in this business, a lot of people, they have like different websites, they have Thai website, or Chinese website, or Vietnamese website, Korean, whatever … so whatever they want me to be, they just fake. You know? But actually, I’m have Hawaiian and half Filipina and I was born in Manila…(Read More)!

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The beauty of Teanna Kai Interview is a weapon that she uses to capture the hearts of any man she desires. Look into her eyes and let her smile wash over you and there will be no possibility of escape for you or any other man she desires…(Read More)!

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