Hot Asian girl amazing Asian girl selfie hottie Ryan Oso and her super sexy skinny body with nice tits. This mixed Korean beauty is extra tasty.

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Hot Asian girl Ryan Oso shows off her huge Korean hottie tits. This hot Asian girl and sexy lingerie model has an amazing body and her enormous hot Asian girl breasts are so huge and perfect!

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Hot Asian girl Ryan Oso looks super hot in her tiny pink and white bikini. This hot Asian girl is so thin and has such a huge pair of perfect Asian babe breasts. Hot Asian girl Ryan Oso is a yummy mix of Japanese and Korean.

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Hot Asian girl Danni Young gives us a taste of her yummy black thong riding up her sweet Korean Asian Ass! This hot Asian girl has that extra naughty Asian girl look that gets things growing. This Korean hot Asian girl is one of the sexiest naked babes out there on the web today!

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Hot Asian girl Stephani Sweet and her sexy Korean friend get nice and wet with roses in the tub. These two hot Asian girls and naughty lingerie models look so tasty all wet and naked. Hot Asian girl Stephani is one of the sexiest Asian models and her friend Azalei has a super plump Korean Asian booty!

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Hot Asian girl Ryan Oso looks super hot in her tiny leopard bikini. This hot Asian girl and mixed Japanese and Korean goddess has an amazingly tight and toned body. Hot Asian girl Ryan Oso is that perfect mixture of yummy exotic babe and super naughty Asian hottie! Hot Asian girl Ryan Oso has no body fat on her and her Asian tits are enormous!

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Hot Asian girl Azalei Zen looks amazing in her tiny black thong. This hot Asian girl and super naughty Korean babe has the most amazingly slender body and huge juicy eye candy girl perfect ass! Hot Asian girl Azalei is one of the sexiest hot models out there! This hot Asian girl has perfect breasts, a tiny waist, smooth milky white skin, and an ass that just wont stop!

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Hot Asian girl Danni Young shows off her amazing mixed Korean babe body again This young hot Asian girl and sexy naked girl has an amazing plump and delicious booty! This hot Asian girl and fully naked Korean babe has soft pale skin and a yummy thick Asian booty that keeps the mouth drooling.

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Hot Asian girl Danni Young shows off her amazing mixed Korean babe body. This young sexy chick and naked Korean hottie has an amazing tattoo on her back and the thickest most tastiest Asian booty on the planet. Asian models are not supposed to have an ass like that, but this hot Asian girl does! Hot Asian girl Danni Young and young exotic lingerie model is curvy, tight, and thick and juicy in all the right places.

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Masuimi Max

Ethnicity: Korean and German
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Weight: 117 lbs.
Stats: 34D-24-34

Hot Asian girl Masuimi Max believes that she doesn’t get into trouble – because she is trouble! She’s a glamour model and used to be an exotic dancer with moves that will drive men into maximum submission. The thing about Masuimi Max is that she’s difficult to dislike. This mixed naked Asian girl has curves for days and is as luscious as she is provocative. This girl in a thong teams her curvy body with a sweet wiggle and a cheeky wink. She’s sexy but silly and is as likely to shoot a set of photographs mugging to the camera with sexy latex outfits. However, it’s Masuimi’s exotic magnetism that draws eyes from both sexes. Masuimi has always been a woman of many talents. It stems from her early departure from a steady home, but it doesn’t mean that any of her talents are negative. She learned many things at an early age, including karate and kickboxing. She also gathered an assortment of tattoos, the most prominent being a dragon that extends from her neck to the arch between her ass and back. Masuimi’s spunk, charisma, and wealth of talents eventually landed her gigs in the entertainment world. Her look and flare drew admiration not only from guys but also new aspiring models.

Read more of gothic hot Asian girl Masuimi Max at her website: You do a lot of fetish modeling, but what is/are your personal favorite to model for (and to participate in :D)?
My favourite is corset and latex modeling. I have a lot of other fetishes too; Hello Kitty, high heels, boots, baking cupcakes, black lacey things… (Read More!)

Read more of Masuimi Max at Bizarre Mag: I like to come up with the ideas, and then have a magic fairy do all of the work for me! The only problem is, right now that magic fairy is me…. (Read More!)

Read more of Masuimi Max at her Myspace: Mörat, Pink Sugar, Chaos Theory, computers, the moon and stars, cats, music, Swarovski Crystals, peanut butter, rubber things, taking things apart to see how it works, Vivienne Westwood, leather catsuits, corsets, red roses, Hello Kitty, heels, Roberto Cavalli (dresses), corsets, tiny hats with big stuff on them, latex, Agent Provocateur, couture gowns, sparkly skull necklaces, Christian Louboutin shoes….. (Read More!)

Read more of Masuimi Max at Import Tuner: Ha haaa! Being naked to me is not a bad thing, nor is it something I think people should be ashamed of. I travel to Europe often and over there the naked body is not censored. On a different note, I think the more repressed a country is the more violent it is. At least in the U.S. women don’t have to cover every inch of their bodies, and… (Read More!)

Read more of Masuimi Max at her Twitter: I’m giving away my last ‘Succu Dry’ if you’re a member of my site just email me your subscription id and username to enter:… (Read More!)

Read more of Masuimi Max at Mystery Island: How/where did you learn to eat fire? It’s really a beautiful thing to do. MASUIMI: Why thank you! I started stripping in Vegas when I was 18 and my first week there made an impression, LOL. I had a mohawk and piercings, which wasn’t allowed at the club I was working at so I tried to put lipstick on my lipring and wore a really bad blonde wig my first night. I didn’t know how to dance or strip in a sexy way, I kept wiggling around on stage until my wig fell off! I was mortified, it landed on the club manager’s foot! I left the stage thinking I should leave, but the manager came back to the dressing room and told me Drew Barrymore wanted a dance, and wanted to wear my wig! Like I said, I made an impression! Well, the club had a… (Read More!)

Read more of Masuimi Max at Pinup: Do you like to go deliberately against the conventional / the cheesecake stereotype? No! I come up with wonky ideas for shoots, or I like to add a twist to the traditional sometimes, but I wouldn’t say that I go deliberately against those stereotypes, sometimes I’ll embrace the stereotype. Like I might do a modern cheesecake pinup shoot then right after that I’ll do a shoot where I mix things up, like a… (Read More!)

Read more of Masuimi Max at ModFX Models: What’s your favorite thing to do when you get drunk? Get naked and other people naked!! We heard you have more that 2 nipples. Yes, I have four nipples. The extra two nipples are smaller and are right here on my chest next to my armpits. They tickle, but they don’t arouse me. What is your view on nudity and pornography? My biggest pet peave is when people consider nudity as porn. All I have to say is porn involves sex and nudity… (Read More!)

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Lisa Kaye


Ethnicity: Korean and Japanese

Height: 5 ft. 1 in.

Weight: 96 lbs.
Stats: 34C-25-34

Lisa Kaye defines what it means to be a sexy Asian model. Lisa Kaye has the most amazingly perfect body and is one hot Asian girl from head to toe, and this naked Asian girl has all the guys weak in the knees. This beautiful Asian model has a set of luscious lips that will always help bring you to your happy place.Make sure you are first in line to see this sensual deity fully nude. There is nothing more beautiful and erotic than a perfectly symmetrical naked Asian girl in a thong.

Read more of Lisa Kaye at Pure Hot Models: Did you always want to be a model? No, I never really had the thought of doing it. My brother was involved in the scene, so i was exposed to it. As soon as I started, I always had a good time and it was good money so i kept… (Read More!)

Read more of Lisa Kaye at ModFX Models: What puts you in a sexy mood? Candlelight and porn! Does size matter? Yes it does, but it also goes with knowing how to use it! What would be the kinkiest thing you ever done?… (Read More!)

Read more of Lisa Kaye at Asia Diva: So we saw you’re interview in the Drift & Model Show, is it true? Yes, it’s true, nobody’s ever made me cum, besides my purple rotating vibrating toy…. (Read More!)

Read more of Lisa Kaye at her myspace blog: Hi, I just wanted to let you all know that I am introducing a new project of mine called “Glitz & Glam Couture”! (G&G for short) by ME, Lisa Kaye. Any of you that are interested in a custom top, lingerie piece, or outfit for any gogo, dancing, or a special event… Please contact me at… (Read More!)

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Kimberly Ann


Ethnicity: 1/2 Korean and 1/2 Caucasian
Height: 5 ft. 4 in.

Weight: 135
Stats: 36D-26-35

Kimberly Ann is appealing, erotic, curvacious, and most obviously, simply perfect! Kimberly is a perfect example of why mixed Asian women are the most beautiful women in the world. This exotic glamour model resides in Spanaway, WA where she started gogo dancing. This sexy Asian girl is both visually stunning and outlandishly personable. This young 18 year old amateur is ready to get wild and crazy to fill all of your lustful desires.

Read more on Kimberly Ann at Pure Hot Models: Where your parents strict with your up bringing? Not really, my dad knew I liked to go out to clubs and go out. I’ve always been honest with my parents anyway. What kind of student were you in school? I was pretty smart in high school! I worked really hard for my good grades…(Read More!)

Read more on Kimberly Ann at her website bio: I started to love make-up, clothes, and of course, boys in Junior High. During those years I began to love the camera too, I would always be taking pictures of my friends and I. So in High School, my sister asked me to model with her for her friends’ promotional booth at a local car show in Tacoma Wa. I did it, and loved it! All the people, photographers, music, cars…and best of all, people were asking me to …(Read More!)

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Naughty Miko

Ethnicity: 1/2 Korean and 1/2 Irish

Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 120
Stats: 32B-25-39

Naughty Miko is a little Asian sweetheart who has everything to make your jaw drop. Her curvy figure and warm smile are enough to make any man melt in his tracks. There is no gorgeous glamour model with deep brown eyes and pouty lips like this one does.

Read more on Naughty Miko at Solo Porn Reviews: Smokin’ hot oriental babe with a knockout body. You’re going to like it when you get to see that piece of art unwrapped and bared in all it’s…(Read More!)

Read more on Naughty Miko at Babe Log Book: She is sure one hell of a sexy babe! Check out her super tight ass, great boobs and such a pretty face. Whats more is that…(Read More!)

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