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Hot Asian girl Asia Perez shows off her tight little Mexican and Filipina ass in her tiny slingshot red lace lingerie. This hot Asian girl and naked lingerie model has such a cute and tight petite young girl body. Hot Asian girl is one of the yummiest naughty, natural Asian models out there today.

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Mixed hot Asian girl Layla Rose is a yummy combination of Spanish and Asian. This mixed Spanish hottie is so tiny and delicious. Layla Rose has an apple bottom plump hot model naked booty. This mixed hot Asian girl and Spanish beauty is perfect from head to toe and even hotter when the camera is close up on her sexy spreads.

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Hot Asian girl Asia Perez looks extra hot in these sexy upskirt naked model pics. This hot Asian girl and mixed Spanish hottie looks so good in her tiny moist panty upskirt pics and this hot Asian girl looks even better fully nude and spread open!

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Mixed hot Asian girl Layla Rose is a yummy combination of Spanish and Asian. This young mixed hot Asian girl has a set of natural big breasts and perfectly ripe naked bikini model ass! This mixed hot Asian girl is super fit and super tiny. She is barely 4 foot 11 inches, and she is one of the sexiest naked webcam models out there today.

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Hot Asian girl CJ Miles will be LIVE tonight WEDNESDAY April 20 at 9:45pm pst at the best online model cam site on the internet, NP Models! Joining her will be a sexy newbie Nadia Nicole! Yes, she is an adult star new to the industry, so she should be a lot of fun! Nadia Nicole is mixed Spanish and Dominican beauty! These two top Asians get really naughty LIVE on cam. Nothing better than two fully naked hot Asian girls and really yummy nude import models getting extra naughty live, fulfilling all your desires!

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The sexy NP Models are back in this sexy and naughty Halloween video. These hot Asian girls are some of the finest nude glamour models and top import babes in the industry. Models include Honey Jo, Soniya Lei, Asia Perez, Jinda Paine, Sun Lee, and Annie Violet!

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The hottest live Asian cam models on the web tear it up in this sexy, wet, and naughty video! The girls of NP Models are some of the hottest nude models on the planet. Top Asian girls include Honey Jo, Asia Perez, Annie Violet, and Jinda Paine.

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Nina Mascunana

Ethnicity: Spanish, Chinese, Filipina

Height: 5 ft. 1 in.

Weight: 98 lbs.
Stats: 34C-24-36

Just when you thought that they couldn’t get any sexier, check out this hot Asian girl, Nina Mascunana. Guys have had a crush on this sexy mixed naked Asian girl for quite some time. Everyone wants to take a good, long look at her curvaceous portfolio, as this exotic babe quickly made a name for herself in the enthusiast scene. It’s a good thing Nina is a recent nursing school graduate and plans on becoming a registered nurse, as her heart-stopping curves and deadly smile left us breathless in need of some mouth-to-mouth. The fellas can’t wait to see her bangin’ body in a tight nurse outfit, even if it means a trip to the emergency room. Now this girl in a thong likes men who know how to treat a lady, but beware, she also admits to being a “big tease.”

Read more on hot Asian girl Nina Mascunana at her Myspace: I am a very simple person, but complicated when misunderstood. I prioritize my life and I’m very driven towards my future goals. I graduated from nursing school, and my amitionis to become a Registered Nurse. I like to spend my free time with my family and friends. I love to… Read More!

See more pics of hot Asian girl Nina Mascunana at Open Your Eyes Magazine: What could a stranger say to you that would most likely lead to him getting a date? First of all he’d have to look presentable, because I can tell a lot from that. Then he’d have to talk very intelligently—like he knows what… Read More!
Read more on Nina Mascunana at Lowrider Magazine: If you were stuck in an elevator for two hours with some hot guy that you didn’t know, would you be able to contain yourself? Yes, I have good self-control, but then again, how hot is he? Have you ever made love in a club? If not, would you? No, but I would love to. I’m very spontaneous so I’m always up for… Read More!

Read more on Nina Mascunana at Performance Auto & Sound: Size or Stamina? Damn, I want to say both (that’s a hard one!) Tell us about your first kiss? It all happened when I was in 8th grade when an adorable Cuban guy kissed me just outside the classroom. I didn’t know what to do the moment it all happened, but it was still very memorable though. Not the most romantic, but it’s… Read More!

Read more on Nina Mascunana at Import Tuner: That’s plenty good enough for us. What’s your favorite food? I am such a carnivore-I love steak and prime rib. My absolute favorite is a gigantic, soft, juicy and wet prime rib with lobster, and a side of mashed potato and gravy with an…. Read More!

Read more on Nina Mascunana at Top Asian Models: Nina Mascunana classifies herself as self motivated, goal oriented, driven, hard working, humorous, spontaneous, down-to-earth, out-going, and friendly.Watch out for her, I think she’s gonna be a force to be reckoned with no matter what she…. Read More!

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Nina Carla

Ethnicity: Filipina/Spanish

Height: 5 ft. 2 in.

Weight: 103 lbs.
Stats: 34D-24-32

Armed with a killer smile, bangin’ body and seductive stare, we simply couldn’t resist the adorable Nina Carla. This hot Asian girl had cover model written all over her right from the start. Her killer curves were first discovered online thanks to the steamy photos found on her Myspace account. Known to speak her mind and always tell it like it is, don’t miss this confident and sexy girl in a thong.

Read more of hot Asian girl Nina Carla at Nitin Productions: Slendor, delicious, heavenly, curvacious, and most obviously, simply perfect. Nina Carla is one of the most beautfiul and glamorous models to grace the pages of Nitin Productions. Nina is a perfect example of…. (Read More!)

Read more of hot Asian girl Nina Carla at Top Asian Models: Nina graduated high school in Concord, Ca as an honor student. After high school, she immediately started to work full-time while attending college full time. She became involved in highly competitive sales associated jobs that ranged from cellular phone accounts to being certified in selling automobiles in companies such as … (Read More!)

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Natalia Marie


Ethnicity: Filipina, Spanish, Norwiegn, and German

Height: 5 ft. 5 in.

Weight: 120 lbs.
Stats: 35C-26-36

Natalia Marie has an adorable sunshine smile along with her sexy body. This naked Asian girl is a booty-busting gogo dancer in the Orange County and Los Angeles area. Natalia is a huge goofball , and crammed with energy, that’s why she loves to gogo. It gives her the chance to release her creativity and energy to the world. This sexy girl in a thong enjoys to walk around topless freely. So don’t miss out on this mixed Asian model.

Read more of Natalia Marie at Car and Model: What’s your dream car? A BMW M3 because they’re cute and simple; plus it’s something I’d actually drive if I had it, not just stare at… (Read More!)

Read more of Natalia Marie at ModFX Models: Yeah, I can say “Kumusta ka!” Which means, “Hello!” I can say the basic stuff like “I love you” and I know when people are talking about me when they say, “Maganda” or “Dalaga Na” and stuff like that. I can’t really speak it, but I can understand more. I know it sounds really funny, but I could actually speak more Japanese than I can Tagalog. I lived in Japan for… (Read More!)

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Alicia Ann Whitten


Ethnicity: Vietnamese, German, French, Irish, Dutch, Spanish, American, Indian, Italian …..etc

Height: 5 ft. 6 in.

Weight: 105 lbs.
Stats: 32C-24-34

Alicia Ann Whitten is a pure hot model with curves that are mesmerizing and perfect. This girl in a thong is a true treat for all of the senses, especially the EYES!!! Alicia’s body is jaw dropping and ridiculous. This mixed Asian model is like the girl next door, but just a little bit more dangerous and a lot hotter. You can’t miss this gorgeous naked Asian girl!

Read more of Alicia Ann Whitten at her myspace: So I got my S13 Hatch finally…would of loved to get something better but this is the only thing I could afford right now. I’m so anxious to take it drifting but need parts for it so bad so it’s gna take me a while to save money for these actual parts. Need LSD, Suspension, wanna change it to 5 lug…..also need to get a…. (Read More!)

Read more of Alicia Ann Whitten at Pure Hot Models: How did you get started in modeling? A car company asked me to model for them. I would go to their shop often since I’m a car freak. It’s so awesome to model for something that I … (Read More!)

Read more of Alicia Ann Whitten at Tuner Zine: C8: Which do you prefer showers or baths? AW: I like taking a bath and having the shower run. Haha! JK. I love baths…They are so relaxing, especially after I come home from a trip…. (Read More!)

Read more of Alicia Ann Whitten at Maxim: What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever hooked up? How’d it go?: The movie theater that was full of people. It was scary but… (Read More!)

Read more of Alicia Ann Whitten at Import Tuner: Import Tuner: So I hear that you’re into cars? Alicia Whitten: yep, I love all cars, but I’m really into Imports. 2NR: Do you drive an import? AW: yeah, I drive a Scion tC. 2NR: Stick or auto? AW: Stick! 2NR: We always appreciate a girl that can handle a stick. Now here’s the money question: Is it tuned? AW: of course! I just got started though. I just had my DC Sports header and… (Read More!)

Read more of Alicia Ann Whitten at Drag Sport: DSPORT: So back in high school were you a teacher’s pet in school or the one cheating on tests? Alicia: I was a trouble maker in school especially in chemistry; I loved setting things on fire. But for some reason the teachers loved… (Read More!)

Read more of Alicia Ann Whitten at Performance Auto and Sound: What is the sexiest thing about a man? Their body of course. What can a guy say to make you melt? That they can cook and for some reason when a guy talks about how much they love their mother. If they treat their mother really well, then …. (Read More!)

Read more of Alicia Ann Whitten at Lowrider Magazine: LRG: That’s cool that you have a balance. So, what turns you on about a man?Alicia: A well-toned body is always sexy to me. LRG: How about women? Do you find them to be sexy?Alicia: Women are sexy (laughing), but… (Read More!)

Read more of Alicia Ann Whitten at IGN magazine: What’s the most unusual place you’ve ever hooked up? How’d it go?: The movie theater that was full of people. It was scary but… (Read More!)

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