Hot Asian girl with a hot little Asian body. Skinny and with nice tits, this sexy Asian hottie has it all!

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Hot Asian girl tiny young hottie with nice tits. Good things come in small packages. This hot Asian girl New York native is extra tasty!

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Hot Asian girl Janey B. has an amazing body. This hot Asian girl has all the right curves in all the right places.

First kiss.
I remember it being really messy, and not in a good way.

Hidden talents.
I’m a classically trained pianist with 11 years of formal lessons under my belt.

Biggest turn-on.
Chivalry. I’m a sucker for a gentleman with manners.

Favorite food.
Bacon. Anything with bacon is the key to my heart.

Favorite TV show(s).
Tosh.0, Saved By The Bell, and Game of Thrones

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Hot Asian girl Amateur with sexy body. This tiny, fit Asian babe has a killer body and flat stomach.

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Hot Asian girl mixed beauty with amazing body. Huge perfect Asian tits and an amazing voice. Ya, this beauty sings, too!

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Hot Asian girl with amazing body Vicki Li.

Super cute, silly personality, certified foodie, down to party, natural…you get the picture. Vicki Li might be one of the hottest Chinese models we’ve come across—it’s crazy we didn’t even discover her until our friends from Racesauce introduced us at SpoCom Hawaii. Vicki is just getting started in modeling; in fact, our photo session with her is one of her first shoots. You can bet to see more great stuff from her in the coming years. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram, and if you ever get a chance to meet her, give her a warm Super Street welcome—we prefer a nice, long, squeezing hug.

Let’s start out with where you’re from.

I was born and raised in China, currently residing in Houston.

Tell us something cool about Texas.

We ride horses to places. Just kidding…but we have amazing crawfish and barbecue!

Favorite place you’ve traveled to and why?

Hawaii has to be my favorite—my family visits every year! People are so friendly, and I enjoy everything about the island…Read More

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Hot Asian babe nice tits and flat stomach. Hot Asian perfect body.

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Super sexy fit hot Asian girl with nice juicy ass. Fitness Asian babes are the best!

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Tattoo hot Asian girl beauty with huge perfect tits! This hot Asian girl is super tiny but with amazing curves

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Tiny fitness girl hot Asian girl with nice tits and a really hot body. This little Asian fitness babe has all the right curves in all the right places.

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Tiny hot Asian girl skinny body with nice little tits. And, this hot Asian girl amateur has a sweet ass.

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Perfectly huge mixed Asian model amazing tits and nice round hot Asian ass! Kind of Asian model body you could lick for days!

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Sweet hot Asian girl round and tight perfect ass. CJ Miles has the best body in the business!

February 15, 2015 · Posted in asian  

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